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About us


J.B.E is a structural/architectural specialist company that specialises in creating detailed drawings for Planning & building regulations applications.


We will always go above and beyond to meet the needs of the client, Builder and local authorities.  


Our Designs  will always consider the aesthetics of a project as well as  practicality and feasibility ; we also offer free follow up advice throughout the build to ensure our designs are built correctly.


We are a small company that maintains a high standard of work. 

We are regularly in contact & have a good relationship with a variety of different councils and keep an up to date understanding of all legislation.





Why Choose us?


Unlike most firms JBE offers architectural service as well as the ability to produce the steel specifications and calculations. 

We offer a reliable design to suit your budget.


So what problems could occur when using two individual companies to produce the architectural and structural drawings?

(An rear extension example)

Once an architect has completed  the architectural drawings this information is passed on to the structural engineer to work out the structural design and ensure the project can be built as it has been shown in the architects plans.

Problems can then occur for a number of different reasons:

  •  Bad communication and misunderstandings leading to the wrong drawing revisions being sent.

  • The design may not be cost effective structurally.

  • The architects site dimensions could different to the structural engineers

  • Confusion on responsibility 

We believe it's better to minimise the possibility of any costly misunderstandings by completing everything as once package.


We aim beat any quote if proof is provided

 & will always try our best to maintain  a quick response time. 


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